Palma Sutra

The Palma Sutra, the definitive Hindu text on the sacred practice of mahasturbata, or self-abuse, has long been familiar to serious students of Eastern literature. However, until recently this ancient treatise on the sensual art of onanism was inacessible to those ignorant of Sanskrit. Predating the more popularly known Kama Sutra by centuries, this work was studied by Indian yogis and mystics over 4,000 years before the birth of David Eisenhower.

- Doug Kenney

Amendments to the original texts and newly-found scrolls are welcome and encouraged to be posted here in the comments section.


Johnny Graffiti

Below are some photos of the graffiti that has adorned the walls of the johnny houses on our jobsite. It is all authentic and unaltered. If the Lascaux caves prove that our art is a reflection of our environment, then it appears that not much has changed in the last 20,000 years. Which is sweet. Happy New Year!

Hot Enough

Hit It

Wool Sock

Happy Tits

Cock Crane